Le Vernet-Loisirs


5 km from le Vernet la Varenne, visit Chameane, its castle and its Romanesque church
In la Chapelle sur Usson, you can visit a private améthyst outcrop.
Further afield, in Boudes, discover la Vallée des Saints and its "fairy chimney" rocks. Near, visit the castle of Villeneuve Lembron and the church of
Mailhat (XIIth century) between Lamontgie and Saint Martin des Plains. 
La vallée des Saints à Boudes

Issoire, is the nearest town. You can visit the abbey church, the romanesque art center George Duby, the clock tower, exposition of modern art an walk along  Couze Pavin.
Don't forget Usson, classified in most beautiful villages in France, which served as the place of exile for Queen Margot.
Abbatiale d'Issoire
In the south of the Vernet la Varenne, towards Haute-Loire, along the valley of Dolore, discover Novacelles and its romanic church, Saint Sauveur la Sagne and in Arlanc, le jardin pour la terre and the lace museum. Further La Chaise Dieu famous for its classical music festival, at the end of august, and its abbey; Brioude  and the basilica of Saint Julien. Nearby, the upper valley of the Allier, the abbey of Lavaudieu and two remarkable villages,  Auzon et Blesle.

Le jardin pour la terre à Arlanc

On the road to Ambert you cross over Saint-Germain l'Herm, Fournols, and pass near Saint Amant Roche Savine. In the Ambert nicknamed "Cité des copains" you find a lot of museums: Mus'energie and Richard de Bas paper mill. Take a trip with touristic train AGRIVAP.

Musée de la machine à vapeur à Ambert