Le Vernet-Loisirs


 Moulin Richard de Bas   

Le Vernet la Varenne
is situated in monts du Livradois. This granitic massif is traveled by deep valleys such as Doulon, Dore or Dolore's valleys and is divided between Puy de Dôme and Haute Loire.

It's Gaspard des Montagnes' country, with varied landscapes of rolling woodland, and greengrass, charming romanic churches in villages, medieval castles. From the abbey of La Chaise Dieu, to Lavaudieu, from the basilica of Brioude to the abbey church of Issoire, discover a rich collection of romanesque art.

This region was also the seat of local flourishing crafts. Visit paper mill Richard de Bas in Ambert, lace museum in Arlanc, céramic museum in Lezoux. Don't forget to taste cheeses such as la  fourme d'Ambert.

Everyone can find what he is looking for.

Parc Naturel Régional du Livradois-Forez, JL Mavel