Le Vernet-Loisirs


In july and august

You will find a lot of festivals such as Harmonies in Livradois.

In Mailhat, concerts are organized by "the friends of Mailhat's church".

At the beginning of august you can go the 
musical week of Lembron and at the end of august to the marvellous festival de La Chaise-Dieu.

In july, Issoire play host to "Danses et musiques du monde" and Ambert to "la ronde des copains du monde".

At Saint Amant Roche Savine, the festival, "La Belle Rouge" offers théâtre, music, cinéma.

The festival d'art roman, in july presents many cultural events: 
concerts, tales, expositions, conférences, workshops...

At the end of july, le festival du Haut Livradois, is organized in Saint-Germain l'Herm and surroundings villages.

All year long, near Le Vernet la Varenne

a saison culturelle
au Pays de Sauxillanges: the programme.

Saturday 3rd June 8.30. p.M, salle des fêtes de Saint Germain l'Herm et Thursday 8th June 8.30. p.m, salle des fêtes de Sauxillanges: ciné parc, "Noces" by Stephan Streher with Lina El Arabi, Sébastien Houbani and Babak Karimi

Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th june, festival of flowers at Saint Germain l'Herm.

Friday 16th June, from 7.p.m,
barbecue of the youth day, in Colibri at Saint Germain l'Herm.

Saturday 24th June, from 6.p.m, Fête de la musique
in Colibri at Saint Germain l'Herm.

Saturday 13th May 8.30 p.m, salle des fêtes de Saint Germain l'Herm and Thursday 18th Mary 8.30 p.m, salle des fêtes de Sauxillanges, Ciné-parc: "Toivon tuolla puolen" (VOstf) by Aki Kaurismaki with Sherwan Haji, Sakari Kuosmanen and Ilkka Koivula
The film will be preceded by a short film: "Ghost cell" by Antoine Delacharlery.

Don't forget events in Le Vernet la Varenne. You can find them at agenda.

Festival La belle rouge

Festival La Chaise Dieu

Festival d'art roman